Untitled #3

Long sandy beach with soft waves

Yellow mellow sunshine

Me topless on the beach and with salt on my lips

My hair damp and tangled, peppered with sand.

A dog running and barking happily. He ran towards me, splashing sand everywhere.

And a guy in shorts, topless slowly approached. “I’m so sorry he disturbed you”

“oh not at all, I love dogs” I exclaimed, a little more enthusiastically than necessary. My eyes stopped its scan on his biceps. Oh my god.

“He doesn’t do this very often”

“Do what? Running towards topless girls?” I asked, looking straight and playfully into his hazelnut eyes.

“Yeah”, he fixed the gaze on my face. Trying hard not to wander his look further.

I lean back, continue sunbathing blissfully. “ I always know I’m irresistible”.

“To dogs?” he chuckled, a hint of mockery in the easy laugh.

“And to their masters”. I said without looking at him.

He sat down beside me, smiling. A flop of hair fall in front of his forehead.

“Are you here alone? I don’t want to be beaten up by a dude on this beautiful beach in this beautiful weather next to a beautiful lady”.

“I was here alone, yes. But not now”. I looked at him encouragingly.

He propped up next to me. “I feel like I’m drunk. This conversation is not real”

“Indeed, you are dreaming. I’m going to vanish in 5 minutes”.

His face was close to mine. The point of his nose touched my cheek. His hair brushing my face. His mouth half opened. He wanted to say something but stopped.

And I leaned in.

His breath smelled like sea breeze. His lips firm and a little chapped. Sounds of ebbing waves filled my eardrums. His hand felt like the sun trailing my hip.

And after a moment that felt like a million years later, he broke away. “You are a dream” he whispered, trying to catch his breath.

I smiled, stroking his biceps. “You know our encounter can make good material for the next Twilight or Fifty shades of grey book?

“People can bash it. I will buy it”.

“And wrap your breakfast with the pages”.

He laughed heartily, flashing his white shiny teeth. It spelled high maintenance and wealth, which I’m sick of. But it was summer, who cared.


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