“It was one fine day in Nothingville where the farmer stepped on a nail and his cow couldn’t walk for three days. The peacock was very upset so the caterpillar told the zebra “we need to bring the cat to the doctor”. Scribbled on a wall.

It was hard to break, this wall. She tried to use everything she could. Hammer, saw, screwdriver but all these efforts were in vain. So she sat down and thought. And she looked at her chipped fingernails. It has been a long time she didn’t clip her fingernails. Why clip when we can bite? It’s faster. She looked up at the wall again. She stood up. Walking back and forth with hands on her hip. Back and forth. Hey, there is a bean sprout on the wall. How strange a bean sprout can grow on this wall. She squinted at the tiny bean sprout. What does it mean? If there is this bean sprout, it means to tell me something. Does it mean I should turn into a bean sprout too? It seems to get along well with this wall. As a human this wall is annoying to her. But how can I turn into a bean sprout, she thought. Is it easier than breaking this wall? Maybe it’s better to be a bean sprout. It only needs air, maybe some sun and this stupid wall. She sat down again, drawing knees under her chin. And rocking herself to an invisible melody. “Once there were blue skies, with white clouds high above, once there were parts of, our everlasting love”.

Nomae looked at Jeda, a tear trickled down his cheek. It has been 5 years Jeda was in this cell, with virtually nothing else because everything can potentially be used for her self-immolation. The doctors told him to believe in miracles. That’s the sort of things people say when they mean exactly the opposite. He opened the door, stepped into the cell and held her hands. They are so calm and soothing. “Hey, today our son wrote a poem about you in class. It’s rather interesting. I will read it to you now” he looked into her eyes. She is gazing at the space behind him.

“Dad says mom is a fairy

Her eyes are starry nights

But now she is scary

I miss you mommy”

“He is an honest, sweet boy, isn’t he? He will do you proud. Now back to bed, darling. It’s bed time” he whispered into her ears. He carried her to bed. It hurts every time. The image of her putting her arms around his neck rushes back, her breath on his neck, her head against his chest trustingly.

“Hey”, suddenly she grasped his hand “tell the bean sprout to go away. I can’t be it”. “Alright dear, i will do it”. He kissed her forehead and pulled the blanket up to her chin. “Good night and have a sweet dream”.


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