A post specially written for Hieu Tet

What could be better than reading such a heart-warming note from my dear at a suicidally cold (summer) night.

Look forward to the future

No seriously, you have no idea how much I miss you Deerie 🙂

Two months ago when I landed on Singapore Changi Airport after so long, I felt totally blue. All my good friends were not gonna be there in the same city with me in the next four years. Deerie/ Belly, Giangster, CJY… I didn’t know who to call, what I would do when bored or stressed. I missed their warmth and care, missed their calls indescribably. Many times after that, I ended up going shopping alone, watching late night movies alone. I knew I could find someone else to accompany me, but I wasn’t ready for the change, and the only one who could go with me was a junior under a freaking strict curfew. I didn’t exactly feel lonely, I just felt lost. I hated being the one to stay.

Two months passed by faster than the…

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