Stay with me.

My parents said that I could do everything for the whole world, the strangers but I am selfish and ignorant to my own family, my loved ones.

Gosh, am I taking them for granted?

Argued with dad, with mom, with sister, with Nhai. With all the people I love and yet whenever I talk to a person outside my definitions of “loved ones”, I smile as if nothing in the world can go wrong.

Because they are the ones that I am being honest to. Because they are the ones  only with whom I am able to be myself. To express my hyperness, my frustration, my not-so-pretty sides. To run into their arms and hug them tightly ( I wish). To get rid of the  so-called social make-up.

To run barefoot on the green grass. To laugh so hard until I cry. To whisper into their ears ” I love you so much”.

Hope they understand me. Hope they still love me as much as I do to them.



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