I am totally deeply troubly in love with vintage

Vintage has been back and cannot be any hotter! YAY. I like vintage style. So mysterious. So charming. So elegant. Totally thumb-up!

First item, the gramophone. I love Jazz music. It’s an insult to listen to Jazz from any other musical devices but a gramophone. I always picture myself sitting next to it, my head resting against the couch and drowning in sensual melodies. Will definitely have one in my possession when I have my own nest.

Look, aren’t you in love with this kind of  cursive letters streamed out from a feather pen. Like those vines in a lovely vineyards, best places for dating. or reading. or dating haha.

An old mama-looking wedding gown from the 30s. But you must agree with me it makes modern dresses wilt in shame. It’s so simple yet so beautiful. I bet a man seeing his woman in this gown will not be able to hold his breath and take his eyes off her.

This is the loveliest hugging photo I have ever seen. So lovely, so peaceful and so real. No hint of dramatic pose. It is like they just run straight into each other’s arm. My heart squeals for them. The bride simply looks overwhelmed with joy while her man landed a gentle kiss on her cheeks. He didn’t wear a suit! yay. I have grudge against suit, by the way. And he seemingly has spiky hair. Mmm, sexy 🙂

Last but not least, my Jazz darlings. Micheal Buble will join the list. After he is dead lol ( he is still alive for that matter. I used to pronounce his last name as bubble and received a lecture from Chi Dat for that .__.)

Frank Sinatra. His hits include Can’t take my eyes off you and Somewhere beyond the sea. Probably has more but these are the two songs that I most heard of. He is best at singing joyful and brightly songs.

Nat King Cole. He is too famous it is improbable that you do not know him. An American Jazz singer who is good at not only English but also non-English songs. Try L.O.V.E (english), Quizas Quizas Quizas (Cuban) and Aquellos Ojos Verdes (Spanish). He also worked closely with Frank Sinatra. I’m not surprised. They are great singers even though I prefer Nat. His voice is so rich and warm it sends you straight back to the black and white era.

Dean Martin. A night in Rome is my most favorite song of his. He is often seen with a cigarette in his hands and I think this photo nicely capture a moment of his comtemplatous nature.



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