Stumble over these colorful strings

The prospect of travelling alone is both frightening and enticing at the same time. With the status quo of security and safety in Vietnam, no further detail is needed to explain why it is frightening. It is enticing, however, to me not only because I will be able to meet people and do sightseeing but also because I will have time and space to do proper thinking. Or pondering.
So I was sitting on a car to attend another wedding in Ho Chi Minh City. I put on my earphones and my mind wandered away with the flow of music. My thoughts streamed out relentlessly. Some of them were obscure but the rest was crystal clear. I think I know where I went wrong. Two years for a lesson. It was a high price that made me ache inside out when I thought of it. But all I know is I’m trying to sort myself out. By the way, I hate hearing myself talking to some people that do not really care about me but want to satisfy their curiosity. I suck at dealing with them, with those shallow and meaningless conversations. But that’s how things roll in this society, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to feel that they are better than others? No one admits it but it is human’s basic instinct to gain a superior feeling over their counterparts, to survive in this competitive world.
Today I was thinking about the bees’ life. I found some resemblance between the human and bee society. There are leaders and followers in human society just like the Queen and worker bees in the bee hive. The Workers bees toil all days all nights until death just to build their nest and feed the Queen haha. When the bee hive is attacked or in danger, they will be the first ones to die to protect their home. The Queen bee just lies there and devours the flower juice like a boss! ( She is, anyway). It works just the same for any human institutions. Usually the ones who work the most will enjoy the least while those at the top will just open their mouth and wait to be fed. But Is the Queen bee just a useless lazy creature which exists for no good? It actually does the most important thing: reproduction. Among the thousand bees in the bee hive, it is the only one who can do the job. Therefore, it deserves all the respect and special treatments from other members of the bee society. So that’s the trick. It’s not about how much I work but what I do. If I want to enjoy what the Queen bee is enjoying, I have to…reproduce a lot? Haha. I have to do something different, something that no one else but myself  can do it.
Actually this idea no longer makes news. Just a string of thoughts to strengthen my conviction. Nothing happens by chance haha.


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