I am quite surprised. I have thought of it less and less. I talk, laugh and carry out my normal routines. Just that sometimes when I lie down doing nothing, it pops up in my head.

I miss Singapore…

The newly downloaded song You already know has this line “One more bus home. Another silent weekend”. It reminds me of all the times I travelled around Singapore on those buses.

A little girl was standing at the bus stop. Waiting for 133, 130 or 145 to go to Bugis. She was humming a random song from her mp3 player, her feet tapping on the ground happily.

Another time, that girl again was running like mad to catch up with 21. With her wedges taken off, she sprinted ahead barefoot. Luckily the bus stopped and the doors slided open, allowing her one second to hop on.

For some reasons, she often happens to be alone on those bus journeys. Standing next to the windows, she would plug the earphones into her ears, look outside and let her mind wander away. Those bus journeys, in a way, resemble different chapters of her life. Sometimes, she would have some companions. Most of the times, she would be alone but that loneliness would not bug her much. On those buses, she would see people from all walks of life, the people that would remain strangers to her unless life plans to make them collide again somewhere.

Each bus stop on one bus journey is like a break of each chapter. People come and go. There are hardly any interactions between them. However, she learnt so much, just by observing them. A little girl sleeping contentedly on her mom’s lap. An old woman resting her head on her husband’s shoulders, her fingers lacing between his tightly. A young man tapping furiously on his Ipad, his eyebrows drawn into an impatient frown. She found herself repeatedly awed by everything around her. Every moment was vastly and beautifully different.

Finally she would reach her stop. As a ritual, she would make a silent goodbye to the bus with a tiny smile. And walk off.  Her next bus trip may be a few hours later.  A few days later. Or months. The only thing she knows for certain is that she will always move on.

I’m waiting for my next bus. No matter where the destination is, I already know I’m moving on.

P/s: thank you, Ms Yeo, Hien and Chi Dat for your encouragement. And you, for being with me. Can I have a hug next time we meet? *grinning*


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