Bread and Butter issue

I have been working as an IELTS tutor for a while now. I enjoy my job a lot, probably because of my inclination toward nagging and lecturing other people haha. Kidding. This job brings me sense of being of some help to other people. And a small sum of money, too. I need money to travel. Like a lot of it so that I can visit more places across my country to meet my friends. And fly to Singapore ( but who knows, I might end up spending my next  4 years there).

Anyway, since I still have a bit of free time, and yesterday Thuan An told me that I should not waste my ‘talent’ at tutoring and should look for a better-earning job, I decided to hunt for a new job. I googled a whole list of language centers in Can Tho and jot their addresses down on my Paris Tenu ( you know how much I am obsessed with it). I got 7 names whose locations are of proximity to my house. I got up really early, dressed in my smart-looking casual outfit (jeans, polka-dot sleeveless blouse and striped cardigan. you know first impression counts) and hopped on my pink bike. Already too excited :).

1st place. Alphabet center. The receptionist girl looked really friendly and her voice was barely louder a whisper. I asked her earnestly whether they need a teaching assistant or counsellor. She was uncertain if the position was filled so she took down my particulars and a promise to contact me soon.

2nd place. Cleverlearn center. I had this place in my head 1st thing when i started look for a new job. The building looks glam and they have uniform. So professional. Unfortunately, the receptionist broke to me that they did not recruit new people anymore. She did not even bother to show a bit of sympathy, smiling sarcastically at me, ” you are a bit outdated”. I walked away, feeling so rejected and condemning myself for not speaking English to her in the 1st place, sth like ” hi, I’m here to apply for a job. I’m from Hong Kong”. Haha, too funny to be true. And my genuinely Vietnamese appearance will definitely betray me.

3rd place. VATC. I knew i did not like this place. However, I did not want to hold grudge against it so I gave it a try. The receptionist girls directed me to the admin there. I could feel their stare glueing on my back as I made my way inside. Did I look that strange? or too petite to look for a job? Never judge a book by its cover hehe. They required me to submit my profile and stuff. I am too lazy to do that. Maybe I will just email them what I really want to do.

4th place. Gia Viet center. I had a major dissappointment before I reached this place. My favorite bubble tea shop Moon River  still CLOSED. Can you believe it? It was freaking 9 am and they had not worked yet! They really got on my nerves. But I will forgive them as their bubble teas are so good hehe. Back to Gia Vietn, the receptionist girl looks impressed as I told her about me studying abroad and stuff. I like her already. She has these round hazelnut eyes that make you trust in her at first instant. More importantly, she let me have a chance to PR myself. I left some of my documents there and she promised that she would get back to me later on.

3 more places to go. And the strap on my slippers just came out so I had to cycle back barefoot. It did not feel so great as people stared at me. What a sight I had made. A messy-haired girl in a half night-gown cardigan ( to them) and barefoot! Anyway, I still have not had any job yet! So sad :(. I am leaving soon and someone must not waste this opportunity to “exploit” me haha.

Tutoring English this afternoon and being tutored French this evening.

The image is a bit irrelevant. Just something Im going to make this weekend. Banana pudding haha


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