A shoulder to cry on

Nguyen: haha. Huong

me: ? huh?
Nguyen: if i have phone, i ‘ll call you sometimes
  it’s kiind of relief to talk to you
Nguyen: Uh uh

  You are having good time
me: it appears so?
  good then 🙂
 i kinda dan du’m a lot after my exam
  because I was depressed with my result
Nguyen: Just funny who are alway the shortest in any pix :))
 me: hahaha
  it’s cute being the shortest 😛
Nguyen: 🙂
  Of course haha
me: you sound sarcastic
 Nguyen: It’s true
me: so to you I still look the same?
 Nguyen: to me oh hell yes
me: buy some cards

  and write for some friends that u are closed to
  you will feel much different
Nguyen: you would be one of them
30/1/2009. Nguyen: Iam smiling.Hope you are smiling yeah
Nguyen: I hope you are happy with me. ^^ I will keep in contact with you. I will carry out ur wishes to me.
09/04/2009. me:I know you are trying your best. Everyone knows that, too. The result is not too important. It’s your efforts that count. So there is nothing wrong if you cannot achieve it. Maybe you are just a bit unlucky. Don’t care about the teacher’s comments and all those that made you upset. In the future, who is going to remember it? No one. So be proud and keep up you spirit. I’m very proud of u.
me: U know, it’s hard to say goodbye, especially to the person u love.
12/09/2009. Nguyen: We both need to try our best.

me: YEAH!!! We shall try our best together and achieve our dreams, ok?
12/12/09: Nguyen: Iam always on you side, just let you know.
10/10/2010. Nguyen: you are finally back arent you :). Yep you are right same people same snenario so maybe the next time you come back, plz let me know in advance so we can be back together and do some fun travelling. I think it would be awesome
06/07/2011. Nguyen: Facebook isn’t as appealing as food and sleep, you know, and girls of course.[ Wow…]
*a tiny sad smile and whirlpool of memories*

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