Take my hand and come with me.

This page has been left to the glee of cyberdust (if there is such thing) for almost one and a half year. I suddenly need it. A space for myself and some people whom I intentionally let them to be here :).

I have deactivated my facebook. My sister laughed heartily when I told her so. Just another impromtu action of mine, she said. Well, partly true. Actually I have decided to deactivate quite a long time ago but I kept delaying it. I have been swept away by all the fun and fuss on FB. I’m tired of all of them. If not because of a dear person whom I chat to almost everynight,   I would have left it early. Im glad I quit it.

Yesterday, I went out with my sister’s friend who is 7 years older than me. He said that I looked prettier. Isn’t that a bit too straightforward? As a not-so-ordinary girl, I cannot consider such on-the-face statement as a compliment. Wish it could take a more subtle form because Im really shy with spoken words. And he tried to wore my helmet for me. I flinched away from it. We barely know each other. However, I appreciate that he took me out for a ride, to inhale full lungs of Can Tho atmosphere. I do not love my homewtown that much but somehow the smell of everything here haunted me in my dream whenever Im oversea.

Nowadays, in my dreams, there are more Victorian structures, croissants, and hypnotizing French words. Suddenly the American dream becomes so unreal. I read Paris Tenu everyday, sometimes hold it against my chest and imagine myself visiting all those amazing cafes, restaurants, museums in Paris. Even the thought of being there with my sister can already send ripples of delight down my body.

Affection is a shy flower that takes time to blossom. Recently I find this saying so true, so dear to my heart. I have not thought of seriously falling for anyone (not crushes) for anyone for a long time. Yet this time I find myself so patiently waiting for ….that. I am sometimes amused by my own emotions. They go against my logical thinking. They make me laugh, sigh, sing or cry. Right now everything is just so tender, no bigger than a bud, no clearer than fog on window glass after the rain. You will never know what will happen 🙂

Im going to be knocked up soon. Have just drunk two mugs of beer with my cousins haha. Im feeling funny already.



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