What scenes turn u on?

Takingoffeverything-lickingeverywhere scences or just simple hugging-kissing ones?

Came across some Lust, Caution scenes today and wow, maybe it is not much different from phim cap 3 to me haha. I could literally saw everything on the bodies of the actors and actresses….they were making love in…different positions. Well, what surprised me more is that I really felt nothing…Not even a single emotion was aroused…I just stared at the screen and wondered “does this happen to most of us or I’m the only who thinks that what’s happening in the movie is two stupid people fooling around on their bed????”

Yet in any movies, when a couple hug and kiss each other, I feel so awesome! I feel like jumping around like mad. I feel like seeing firework!

It’s not weird, right? OR I still think like a kid?


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