In the park

Everytime I come here to write something, it’s for something sad. This blog really becomes a trash site of my emotions and ridiculous sad stories. He came to tell me we can’t see each other even as friends because it makes him uncomfortable. We weren’t friends before we met and now if we are with … More In the park

In the metro

He blurted out “i am actually only looking for sex friends” And she turned at him. It is crazy how quickly all those emotions and feelings for him bubbling inside her just a moment before, drained away. Gone without a trace. Everything was hazy but she quickly stabilized herself. She sunk into a void that … More In the metro

Untitled #3

Long sandy beach with soft waves Yellow mellow sunshine Me topless on the beach and with salt on my lips My hair damp and tangled, peppered with sand. A dog running and barking happily. He ran towards me, splashing sand everywhere. And a guy in shorts, topless slowly approached. “I’m so sorry he disturbed you” … More Untitled #3


“It was one fine day in Nothingville where the farmer stepped on a nail and his cow couldn’t walk for three days. The peacock was very upset so the caterpillar told the zebra “we need to bring the cat to the doctor”. Scribbled on a wall. It was hard to break, this wall. She tried … More untitled#2


I thought I would drop it everything for him. I can do it. He only needs to ask. But fortunately he wouldn’t let me. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise

Không tiêu đề

Tôi thích vợ tôi nhất khi em vừa tắm xong. Em có thói quen tắm nước nóng nên lúc nào bước ra phòng tắm cũng mù mịt hơi nước và hương xà phòng không rõ tên. Em vơ vội một chiếc khăn trùm lên tóc. Má em ửng hồng trông duyên và đắm thắm. Em … More Không tiêu đề